This workshop is part of the "Digital Transformation Governance & Leadership Workshop Series", delivered live, online.

The digital age brings an avalanche of business opportunities both for existing businesses and for new ventures. However, every business needs a digital vision to take advantage of the opportunities.  

Many top organizations lack a transformative digital vision. They start digital transformation as a reaction to their competitor's moves, or because they have no choice and have to survive the digital shift. 

As a result, their digital transformation approach is, at the least, partial and with a restrained in vision. To create a transformative digital vision, one should understand the digital age characteristics and then visualize their business future, not from a sight approach but from a mindset approach.


Optimizing Your Business' Digital Vision Workshop will inspire executives and leaders from profit and non-profit organizations to identify the digital age characteristics.

As a result, the participants:

  • Identify and understand the characteristics and opportunities in the digital age, especially in the 2nd machine age.
  • Unleash mindset barriers, vision blinders, and different aspects of fear that restrain innovation and future progress.
  • Create clear visions, goals, and objectives for their organizations to take full advantage of these opportunities identified in the digital age.
  • Learn how to help other leaders embrace, contribute to, and support their vision.

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MIT SLOAN Certified Digital Transformation, AI & Innovation Executive Advisor, Author
Top 10 Global Thought Leader on Digital Transformation, Innovation, Digital Disruption & Leadership

Marie Nadia Vincent, MBA is an MIT SLOAN certified Digital Transformation Leadership & AI Executive Advisor, Top 10 Global Digital Transformation Thought Leader, Author, Professional Speaker, senior Business & Technology Management Consultant, and a Board Executive Advisor for Corporate Learning Network.

She earned a Bachelor, then a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from UBI with a specialization in IT Management. Nadia also is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Sloan School of Management) Certified Digital Transformation Executive Advisor. She holds two MIT Sloan School of Management Executive Certificates, respectively, in Strategy and Innovation, and Management and Leadership. Nadia is also certified in Artificial Intelligence from MIT SLOAN. She is the author of the book "LEVERAGING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION - Proven Leadership and Innovation Strategy to Engage and Grow Your Organization".

With over two decades of experience in the American and European continents with Fortune 500 companies, Nadia possesses great experience managing high profile business transformation projects in different sectors. She has led and implemented many businesses and IT transformation projects in industries such as international banking, trading & settlement, financial services, energy distribution, electronic payments, insurance, European airline traffic control, retail market, petrol distribution, and the European government.

She fluently speaks English, French, Spanish, and Creole. An accomplished project/program manager, and trainer, over the years, Nadia has developed many training and coaching programs for various international organizations. She is also a regular PMI Global contributor and trainer.


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This workshop is part of the Digital Transformation Governance & Leadership Workshop Series.
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